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How to Use the Enneagram to Create Diverse Characters

 November 17, 2023

Most writers are aware of the axiom – write what you know. That certainly is the case for character development. When we start out, we tend to create characters that are like us. That might work for the first or second book, but eventually it gets to be boring and repetitious. We need to create […]

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Meditation on Martha and Mary – The Choice

 January 18, 2022

This week I’m taking a break from my usual posts to have some fun. Join me in a journey to Bethany when Jesus walked the earth. Feel the hot sun beating down on you, the dusty road below your bare feet. Smell the odors of the crowd and taste the flavor of sweet bread newly […]

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Searching for Wisdom in the Psalms

 January 12, 2022

I have spent my whole life searching for wisdom, never realizing that search was leading me to the Psalms. Yet that is precisely where I find myself, searching for wisdom in the Psalms. My Journey towards Wisdom Back in my twenties I remember completing an inventory where I needed to rank thirty values according to […]

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How the Enneagram Has Changed over the Past Forty Years

 June 6, 2019

My experience with the Enneagram has changed greatly over the past forty years. My first experience with the Enneagram was almost forty years ago, in the fall of 1979. At the time I was a candidate with the Adrian Dominican Sisters (what was formerly called a postulant). I always liked learning so when the opportunity […]

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Psalm 11 – Have You Ever Wanted to Fly Away?

 February 20, 2018

Have you ever wanted to fly away, get away from all of your problems or hide where no-one can find you? I know I have. As a single mother when I was raising three small children I would dream of running away to some place where I could sleep non-stop. Hiding can seem like an […]

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Go Big, Go Bold!

 May 1, 2014

Big and Bold! Anyone who knows me, knows this is not me. I’m neither big nor bold. I’m more like the church mouse who hides in the corner observing, or the invisible hands coming out to serve then disappearing. I’m not a social butterfly grabbing center stage. As a five on the Enneagram (for more […]

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