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Dealing with Travel Anxiety

 March 21, 2019

Do you suffer from travel anxiety? I suspect it is more common than I first thought. As I sat on my flight from LA to Detroit, I noticed a number of fellow travelers ordering drinks, two at a time. That’s one way of dealing with travel anxiety. Not how I handle travel anxiety, though. I’m […]

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Dealing with Cold Feet

 March 6, 2017

Season of Change – Lent He did it, took the plunge. Made a commitment . . . gulp. . . till death do us part . . . The time for cold feet is past. He followed his heart, consulted his mind, went through the ceremony. Yet some coldness still remains in his feet, even […]

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Fear of the Unknown

 January 20, 2017

Ordinary Time We fear the unknown more than the known. Even if the known is not favorable and frightening, we know how to deal with it and so hold on. Better the devil we know than the devil we don’t know. The pending presidency of Donald Trump fills many with free floating anxiety. As a […]

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