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Stigmata – Hidden Wounds

 March 28, 2023

People new to the Catholic faith are often fascinated by the “extraordinary” – tales of saints that lived outstanding lives, stories of miracles. They often ask about stigmata, such a tiny part of the beautiful history of the faith. But I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for stigmata recently through the life of Francis of Assisi, […]

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Psalm 76: Warrior God? Seeing God as We Are

 June 11, 2019

We see God as we are, not as God is. Hence, the image of a warrior God, as found in Psalm 76. Psalm 76 Psalm 76 extols the power of a conquering God. It is harsh and unrelenting. God is “glorious and terrible” – two translations of the same Hebrew word. “Glorious are you, more […]

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Francis – A Man of Radical Faith

 October 4, 2017

Francis of Assisi, October 4 They come bringing their animals, pets, farm animals, that they might be blessed on the feast of St. Francis, but Francis is about so much more than blessing animals. He is a saint of radical poverty, radical abandonment to God, giving all he had to the poor and sharing their […]

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Week 4 – Thy Will Be Done

 February 29, 2016

Wisdom Psalms – 1, 37, 49, 73, 91, 112, 119, 127, 128, 133, 139 Liturgical – 15, 24, 134 Prophetic Exhortations – 14, 52, 53, 75, 81, 95 Historical – 78, 105 Have you ever had the experience  of listening to God’s word proclaimed in church, thinking you understood how it applied to you, only […]

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