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Psalm 126: Through the Cross to Resurrection

 May 28, 2020

Have you ever awoken from a nightmare, relieved to know it had only been a dream? You may be disoriented for a while as you adjust to reality. Imagine Mary Magdalene on Easter morning, how confused she must have been when she first saw Jesus. Was this a dream? Or was this reality and the […]

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Psalm 80: Eating the Bread of Tears

 July 9, 2019

Our psalm for last week of bargaining with God, gives way to depression this week with Psalm 80, the fourth stage of Kubler-Ross’ stages of dying. The Israelites are so sad that their daily bread is made up of tears, as well as their drinking water. “You have fed them with the bread of tears, […]

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Jesus, a Magnificent Failure!

 March 30, 2018

There’s a story about a Scorpion and an Old Man. In the story, the old man sees a scorpion floating helplessly in the water. The old man quickly stretches out his arm to rescue the drowning creature. When he touched it, the scorpion stung him. Instinctively the man withdrew his hand. A minute later, after […]

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Holy Week – Season of Dying

 March 23, 2018

Next week, Christians throughout the world will be remembering Jesus’ last days on this earth through the services of Holy Week. We journey with Jesus through his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his last meal with his disciples on Holy Thursday, and his walk carrying the cross to his death on Good Friday. […]

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It Is Finished . . .

 April 14, 2017

Good Friday It is finished. What a good feeling, when we come to the end of a project and are able to sit back and say it is done. But are we ever done while on this earth? There is always more for us to do, more projects to start, journeys to undertake. As long […]

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When Your Child Dies . . .


Good Friday When your child dies it is unnatural, out of the natural course of order. When your child dies, life is turned upside-down, topsy turvy, nothing makes sense anymore. When your child dies, there is no explanation possible, try though others might to give you one. When your child dies, you lose something priceless, […]

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Looking Away


Good Friday Gut-wrenching. Slowly the one you love is being torn apart, flesh ripped, tormented and tortured. It is too much to bear, too much for anyone to watch. You are in pain as you see his pain. Is it any wonder that you turn away, unable to watch. So hard sometimes to turn on […]

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 April 8, 2017

HOLY WEEK – SEASON OF PASSION I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Holy Week. The richness of the liturgies and readings, the drama, the opportunity to stop what we are doing, put ordinary life on hold, in order to reflect more fully on the great mysteries of our faith–I love this. The work of […]

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Writing in Relative Obscurity

 April 3, 2015

“The truth is most of us will continue to labor on in relative obscurity” – tweet by Women Writers I’m actually comforted by those words. I’m comfortable with obscurity. I’ve been writing in some form all of my life and have no problem with continuing in relative obscurity. I’m much more comfortable in the background […]

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