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Roses in December

 December 13, 2021

Long before James Barrie wrote of roses in December and Theresa of Lisieux spoke of showering roses from heaven, Our Lady of Guadalupe gave roses to a simple peasant as a sign. What is the significance of roses in December in this day when roses can be purchased through florists all year round? Has it […]

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An Everyday Miracle

 October 30, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability A very ordinary yet extraordinary event occurred on this day 32 years ago. My son was born. My life has never been the same. Babies are born every day throughout the world. It is an ordinary part of life. We are born and we die. We need to make […]

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Corpus Christi

 June 15, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability William Blake spoke of seeing the world in a grain of sand. If that is possible, it is no less possible to see the world in a kernel of wheat. A kernel of wheat is wondrous, lovely to behold. So simple and yet so complex. A kernel of wheat […]

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Roller Coaster Ride

 May 1, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Highs and lows, speed up, slow down, sharp turns, throw-up. I’m not a fan of roller coaster rides. I’ve only been on a small one and that was enough. I don’t like being jerked around, spun up and down, high and low. It’s too much like life! I have […]

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Modern Day Miracles

 December 18, 2016

Advent – Season of Hope Nana turns on her hearing aid–what a miracle! She had forgotten the sweetness of her grandson’s voice. Bandages are removed. Grandpa can see again with almost perfect vision, now unclouded by encroaching cataracts. Their granddaughter, a ballerina, dons her dancing shoes after weeks of therapy. Released from the chronic, throbbing […]

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