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Selah – A Biblical Mystery

 March 17, 2021

Who doesn’t love a mystery? I know I do. I enjoy pondering questions, seeking answers. The Biblical word, Selah, is one such mystery. What does it mean? And why is it in the Bible? Selah in the Old Testament Selah is found 74 times in the Bible, 71 times in the Psalms and three times […]

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Valentine’s Day – the Holiday of Romance

 February 10, 2020

(Guest Post by Brad Flory) Romance is not a thing of constant beauty for some women. Take my wife, for one beleaguered example. Over fifteen years of writing newspaper columns, I have steadily revealed some of the more absurd details of our romance without seeking her permission. Revelations! I revealed that on our wedding night […]

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Thank You for Mystery!

 November 26, 2017

Season of Gratitude I praise you, O Lord, for all your works are wonderful. How can I say this with genuine conviction? Do I truly believe in the wonder of all creation, as killer bacteria and viruses wreak havoc on total populations? As natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes rumble and explode over your […]

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The Sun Being Eaten by the Moon!

 August 21, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Today there is a complete solar eclipse. I remember there being an eclipse when I was a child. My mother had us stay inside with the curtains closed lest we fail to resist the urge to look up and watch the event and end up blind. I wonder about […]

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Trinity Sunday

 June 11, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability The Irish may not have invented the Trinity, yet from the way they pray you might think so. Celtic spirituality is Trinitarian in its essence. The Irish love triads, arrangements of three statements that summed up a person, quality, mood or simply linked incompatible objects. They especially loved it […]

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What’s Amazing about Doors?

 February 26, 2017

Ordinary Time Doors serve an essential purpose. They provide passageways between rooms, access into homes, a barrier between us and the elements that can be moved as needed to allow egress. I walk into one room and forget what I came after, a common phenomenon. Psychiatrists tell us that the moving from one room to […]

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The Mystery Continues, the Promise Remains!

 January 4, 2017

Christmas – Season of Promise Love conquers all–so we’ve been told. But sometimes love appears to be on the losing side in our world. Ultimately, however, love will prevail, if not in this life, then in the next. For God so loved the world that he sent his Son and he continues to send his […]

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The Doors of Antigua

 April 18, 2014

When my children were little, I remember calendar countdowns to Christmas where they would open a “door” every day during Advent that would reveal some aspect of the season. Antigua is full of such doors. You never know what might be hiding behind each one! There are long rows of buildings with non-descript doors that […]

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