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The Wonders of an Ordinary Day

 September 20, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Why is it so hard to manage the ordinary times of our lives? When in crisis, preparing for that special occasion, or recovering from a tragedy, we know what to do. We keep busy because there’s so much to be done just to keep our head afloat. We long […]

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Grass, Like Hair, Grows Where It Will

 June 30, 2017

Try though we might to have a yard of lush, green grass, this keeps eluding us. We distribute grass seed throughout the lawn only to have them picked up by passing birds. We try to patch brown spots left by our dog to no avail. What grass we do have, gets swallowed up by creeping […]

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Remembering Ordinary Days filled with Goodness

 June 23, 2017

There was a time when all I remembered from my childhood was negative. I was dealing with healing past hurts and this colored my memories. Now that I’m beyond that I find myself focusing more on the positive memories. Certainly there have been good days and bad days in my life, positive experiences and negative […]

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