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What Is Normal?

 September 22, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Normal, what’s normal? I certainly don’t know. There is so much violence and abuse in our world, in homes, that that would appear to be normal. Physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse. Greed and corruption is everywhere. Waste of the good things God has given us abounds. […]

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The Color White

 February 12, 2017

Ordinary Time A blanket of snow covers the earth. I am warm and snug in my home, looking out at the white expanse. Eventually I will have to move. Eventually I will have to get up, get going, shovel the walks and the driveway, but for now I am content. White, such an ordinary color. […]

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A Matter of Pride

 February 10, 2017

Ordinary Time What is so wrong with being ordinary? Nobody wants to be ordinary. They want to be different. They may even believe themselves to be somehow different in a mighty hubris. They don’t want to admit that they are just human like all the rest of us. No better. No worse. Just human. It’s […]

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Ordinary Time – Season of Stability

 January 14, 2017

What is so ordinary about Ordinary Time? An ordinary day? Is there ever truly such a thing? Each moment of each day is fraught with so much potential and yet we fritter away those moments, unaware of all that surrounds us. There is nothing that is ordinary in God’s eye. All of creation is touched […]

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