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Psalm 118: What is the Quality of Mercy?

 April 2, 2020

“The quality of mercy is not strained, it falleth like the gentle rain from heaven,” Shakespeare tells us in the Merchant of Venice. But what is the quality of mercy? Is it simply compassion shown to an offender or victim of misfortune as Webster tells us? Or is it something more as we see in […]

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Spring Fever

 April 28, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Ah, spring! Sunshine and a warm, caressing breeze. Time to shed winter coats and thermal tops like a snake sheds skin. Open the windows. Clean the house. Tend the yard. Wash the car. Ah, spring! Time to sit on the porch and bask in your gladdening breezes. Time to […]

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Seven Weeks of Easter

 April 17, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life There are six weeks of lent, 40 days, and seven weeks of Easter, 50 days. And so we are reminded that we are to spend more time rejoicing than we spend in grieving and repenting. Our time of celebration for Easter is meant to be longer than the time […]

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Easter Morning – He is Risen!

 April 16, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life The church is packed to overflowing. Little children in their Sunday best squirm thinking of the Easter treats awaiting them at home. Young adults, home from college who have yet to darken the doors of a church since they left home, appear with their parents. Others who have been […]

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Holy Saturday – Waiting for the Light!

 April 15, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life We sit in the darkened church, lit only by our candles. The Easter fire has been lit and the Easter candle carried in procession to the front of the church. Our candles have been lit by its light. We sit in darkness awaiting the light of Christ, the Christ […]

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Easter – Season of New Life!


If we die with Christ, then we will surely live with Christ. This is the promise of Easter–resurrection, new life, everlasting–that we celebrate each spring. And springtime makes the believing easier as the world blooms anew in glorious blossom and fragrance. Life can be very hard. The older I get, the more I see of […]

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Promise of Christmas

 December 17, 2016

Advent – Season of Hope The Christmas cactus–it blooms in the winter when the rest of the land lies fallow. Even in the darkest times, in the driest desert, in the dead of winter, hope springs anew: a flower blooms, beauty graces my room, hope dances in my heart. The desert and the parched land […]

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