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 May 11, 2021

In celebration of Mothers Day last Sunday, I’m sharing some selections on motherhood this week from my book, Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Moms. Enjoy! Today’s selection is Supermom. Who are the Supermoms in your life? Send them this blog post and thank them for all they do. Supermom! Faster than a speeding tricycle. […]

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Psalm 62:  How Do You Find Rest?

 March 5, 2019

Work is important, but so is rest from labor. Psalm 62 is one of a group of seven psalms that focus on trust and confidence in God: 4, 11, 16, 23, 27, 62, 131. It is a welcome respite from the laments we’ve been reading. We need rest from lamenting, moving from lament to trust! […]

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Enjoying the Twilight

 November 16, 2017

Season of Gratitude The children are upstairs, laughing and talking as my spouse tries to quiet them with a bedtime story. I sit outside enjoying the setting sun, an unopened book resting on my lap, a cup of coffee growing cold on the table nearby. A sense of accomplishment from a day’s work well done […]

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Golden Silence

 July 3, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Silence is golden, or so they say. In this day and age it is harder to find than gold, more precious than gold. Our ears are polluted every day with deluges of noise–the radio in the car, the TV and stereo at home, Ipods, muzak in the elevator at […]

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A Spirit of Peace

 May 31, 2017

Easter – preparing for Pentecost Children . . . running, playing, making demands, moving constantly . . . signs of life, signs of youth. Yet a newborn baby lies peacefully–most of the time. She sleeps and eats and sleeps some more during the first few weeks of her life. Those of us who cradle her […]

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 May 22, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life A week off while the kids are still in school. I could hit the golf course, spring clean, catch up on my reading, fertilize the lawn . . . Or . . . I could sit on the patio and bask in the sun, away from phone and distraction. […]

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In the Tomb

 April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday Jesus didn’t rise immediately. He didn’t come off the cross in a blaze of glory, but spent some time in the tomb. A time to rest, recuperate, before returning to this world. We also need some time off in between big events. We can’t just go from one to the other without some […]

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Time in the Neutral Zone

 March 28, 2017

Lent – Season of Change The neutral zone offers sanctuary where no fighting is allowed. People may pass safely and freely within its borders before returning to dangerous, conflict-ridden territory. The neutral zone–a respite from war, from tension, from hostility. I’m on overload from all the changes in my life. I need to disengage. I […]

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 March 22, 2017

Lent – Season of Change Parents know that a wound-up, misbehaving child needs time-out, a chance to quiet down, to get his or her act back together. Even if the child is not misbehaving, parents know the dangers of just going, going, going–from one adventure to another–with a youngster, without some time-out in between. I, […]

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Let Sleeping Cats Lie

 February 18, 2017

Ordinary Time I have an unspoken rule in my life. Never disturb a cat sleeping on my lap. Now I’m not always allowed to follow that rule as demands of phone, children and the dog, often force me to move my sleeping bundle and get up, still I think it’s a good rule. Makes sense […]

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