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Psalm 9 – I Will Give Thanks!

 January 30, 2024

Today I join with the psalmist in praying Psalm 9 – I will give thanks! Thank you, God, for blessings bestowed, for your love and mercy, for you. What is the writer of Psalm thanking God for? Psalm 9 The writer of Psalm 9 begins with words of praise and thanksgiving: “I will give thanks […]

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A Cup of Joy: Isaiah 35:1-10

 December 15, 2020

This week I raise a cup of Joy (or Faith since Joy requires faith!) Our time of waiting for Christmas is half over; this is reason for rejoicing for some, for terror for others who are not ready. In Catholic churches throughout the world, the rose candle of the Advent wreath is lit, signaling the […]

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Psalm 99: God’s Holy Mountain

 November 22, 2019

During the summer of 1980, I spent two months in the Dominican Republic, living in the mountains with two religious sisters in the small town of San Jose de Ocoa. At night I would sit in a rocking chair on the porch and enjoy the sight of the mountains. Much like the early Hebrews and […]

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Psalm 97: Mountains Melting Like Wax

 November 6, 2019

Sunrises over a mountain, the changing seasons, a baby’s laugh, some things never get old. No matter how many times we see the sun rise, it still inspires awe. No matter how many times we watch the changing seasons come and go, they remain a wonder. We hear a baby laugh and the sound still […]

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Psalm 66: A Spacious Place

 April 2, 2019

It was my first time riding this section of the Falling Waters Trail. The path was tree covered, providing ample shade from the sun, when to my right I glimpsed blue. Lime Lake? I had been looking for the lake but so far had only seen a swampy pond. As I road further, more blue […]

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Psalm 46: Be Still and Know

 November 12, 2018

In a world full of noise and activity, Psalm 46 reminds us of the importance a being still and listening to our God. Our Noisy World In his book, The ScrewTape Letters, C.S. Lewis has the devil, ScrewTape, giving instructions to his disciple, Wormwood, on how to lead humans astray. When Wormwood comes up with […]

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Thank You for Mystery!

 November 26, 2017

Season of Gratitude I praise you, O Lord, for all your works are wonderful. How can I say this with genuine conviction? Do I truly believe in the wonder of all creation, as killer bacteria and viruses wreak havoc on total populations? As natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes rumble and explode over your […]

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Glimpses of God!

 September 27, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Sometimes God’s world is so beautiful it hurts! The colors of fall, a sunrise over a lake–so beautiful. There are no words. My heart aches, my eyes are moved to tears. I can’t bear it. This is but a glimpse of the glory that awaits us in heaven. The […]

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The Wonders of an Ordinary Day

 September 20, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability Why is it so hard to manage the ordinary times of our lives? When in crisis, preparing for that special occasion, or recovering from a tragedy, we know what to do. We keep busy because there’s so much to be done just to keep our head afloat. We long […]

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The Wonder of the Human Mouth

 February 4, 2017

Ordinary Time The dentist has me tap, tap, tap, then grind my teeth as he sought to adjust my bite. It’s a wonder to me how these teeth have to line up so perfectly lest they hit too hard or scrape as the jaw slides, thereby causing pain and deterioration of the tooth. In theory, […]

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