An Irish Slip Step

The Irish slip jig is set in 9/8 signature time, unusual and a little off balance!

Kathleen didn’t know about the slip jig, but she knew about slipping up. It seems her life was one long slip step! As was Chloe’s, whose life was knocked off balance when her dancing career was side-lined by an unplanned pregnancy. And then there was that fiery red-head, Helen, who had crossed the Atlantic as an Irish war bride.

Was it a slip-step or one of life’s fortuitous missteps that brought them precisely where they were meant to be?

An Irish Slip Step is the story of a young Irish lass and her American GI who found each other in Ireland at the end of WWII and forged a love that lasted a lifetime and beyond, touching many lives in their journey together. The fourth book in the Dancing through Life Series, it is a tender love story that will speak to your heart.

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