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Thank You for End Times

 November 30, 2017

Season of Gratitude In the end times, at the end of the world, we will be divided into sheep and goats. The Lord tells us so. There will be a judgment. We will be judged by how we treated those who are most vulnerable among us, by our kindness to strangers, the poor and widowed. […]

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Thank You for Apples!

 November 29, 2017

Season of Gratitude Oh, how I love that first bite of a cool, crisp, juicy apple! If I could, I would only have first bites of apples. I’d leave baskets full of partially eaten apples to use as fodder for animals. Others relish the whole apple, down to the core. They don’t stop eating until […]

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Thank You for Community

 November 28, 2017

Season of Gratitude Lord, I am grateful for my children who challenge me to grow in so many ways, who challenge me to be more than I am. Lord, I am grateful for the struggles of married life that challenge me to always be open to new ways of relating. These struggles promote change, growth, […]

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Thank You for the Gift of Acceptance

 November 27, 2017

Season of Gratitude I search in vain for someone to blame. My best intentions have gone astray, left on the wayside to be stepped on by other people’s boots–and my boots, too. If I can’t blame another, maybe I can blame circumstances . . . or God? Though I search for someone–or something–to blame, all […]

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Thank You for Mystery!

 November 26, 2017

Season of Gratitude I praise you, O Lord, for all your works are wonderful. How can I say this with genuine conviction? Do I truly believe in the wonder of all creation, as killer bacteria and viruses wreak havoc on total populations? As natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes rumble and explode over your […]

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A Bouquet of Flowers!

 November 25, 2017

Season of Gratitude A bouquet of flowers! But . . . they’re so expensive. I leave my thoughts unspoken. You could have spent the money on so many others things: something more practical, gifts more lasting. Flowers fade so quickly! A bouquet of flowers! Why do I find it so difficult to accept the fragrant […]

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What do You Wish For?

 November 24, 2017

Season of Gratitude If I had three wishes, for what would I wish? My wishes have changed from those of my youth. Then, I wished for world peace and for an end to poverty. Money would have been nice too! Money would still be nice, but it’s not essential. How much money can I–one person–spend? […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

 November 23, 2017

Season of Gratitude – Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day, a day to gather with friends and family over a meal. A day set aside specifically to give thanks for the bounties of the year. No gifts to buy and wrap, no costumes to make, none of the pressures and expectations of Christmas–just a meal. What better […]

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Thank you for the Ability to Help Others

 November 22, 2017

Season of Gratitude People are starving, people are homeless, people are dying for lack of proper medical care. Lonely people are starved for visits or for signs of affection. Children are abused, often by adults who know no other way to act. Victims of war, of crime, of natural disasters–how many victims there are! So […]

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Thank you for Those Who Came Before Us!

 November 21, 2017

Season of Gratitude All of us have benefitted in some way or another from those people who have lived before us. Some have given us indoor plumbing, electricity, automobiles and airplanes, and countless other conveniences. Physicians and scientists have discovered cures that ease our pain and extend our life expectancy.  Our foremothers and forefathers in […]

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