Young woman wearing a hat looking wistfully into space. Book Cover.

Delicious Secrets

Some secrets you just have to keep to yourself because they are so delicious. They melt like chocolate in your mouth on a hot summer day. You want to hold them for as long as possible, never giving away to the need to swallow.

Other secrets are too good to keep to yourself. They beg to be shared, taunting you, “tell me, tell me!”

And then there are those we wish we had never found out.

Pastor Joe’s church secretary retired a year ago. Since then he has struggled to find the right person to fill this position. Enter Marcie, a twenty-something college dropout, trying to find her way in the world. A church secretary was the last job she would have chosen, but she makes the best of it by entertaining herself with real and imagined secrets about church members, until she stumbles upon a secret she would rather not know. Once known, there was no turning back.

Book five of the Dancing through Life Series, it is a great summer read, entertaining and engaging. Join Marcie as she finds the purpose she sought for her life, as well as other characters from the series as the explore the secrets that are part of family life.

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