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The Rosary: Worry Beads for Anxious Parents

What parent hasn’t awakened in the middle of the night and lain awake worrying about his or her children? Whether awakened by a crying baby or waiting for a teenager to return home with the family car, The Rosary: Worry Beads for Anxious Parents can ease a parent’s mind. Written from a parent’s perspective, this collection of meditations on the mysteries of the rosary can be read at the dentist’s office or while waiting for soccer practice to end.

The Rosary: Worry Beads for Anxious Parents includes excellent insights and is a companion for praying the rosary. The book includes the prayers of the rosary.  It is a wonderful, calming way to end your busy, hectic day and to bring you closer to our Lord.

Patricia Robertson has been in church ministry all of her adult life. She is a mother and grandmother, newly retired from church ministry and now a full time writer.

Autographed copies are now available for $5.00 each plus shipping and handling. To purchase contact Patricia Robertson at

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