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 October 21, 2019

In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope worked at her loom while awaiting Ulysses’ return. By day she worked, by night she took apart what she had done in the day so that she would not finish until he came home. Marriage can be like a tapestry woven by two people. If there is a flaw in the […]

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In the Mind of God

 October 14, 2019

In one sense, this was a private moment, shared with friends and family members. In another sense, no marriage is entirely private, for marriage itself is the basic institution of society, one that has been the object of a broad social/political debate in recent months. So this private moment serves nicely as the affirmation of […]

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One Step at a Time

 October 7, 2019

Step by step, without our even seeing it, we walk away from each other. Step by step, further afield we stray, until it seems we are observing each other from two different worlds. How do we get back together? How do we learn to walk together again? Step by step, one step at a time. […]

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Autumn Leaves

 September 30, 2019

They refer to them as the “Leafies”—the surge of tourists coming to New England in the fall to enjoy the autumn colors. For years I had this on my bucket list, until I looked around me and realized—it’s hard to imagine the color could be any better than what we have here in Michigan with […]

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Men are from Monster Truck Shows . . .

 September 23, 2019

Someone once wrote a very popular book called, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The premise is sound, but a better title would have been, Men are from Monster Truck Shows, Women are from Pampered Chef Parties. Once we understand there are differences, we can bridge them. Brad Reflections:  What title would you […]

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Childhood Sweethearts

 September 16, 2019

They met in grade school, exchanging insults on the playground. He pulled her hair. She stuck her gum on his seat in school, where it neatly lodged on his pants. They were together in high school, sharing triumphs and disasters, hopes and dreams, romance and heartbreaks, always remaining “just friends.” Then they went away to […]

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Irish Festivals

 September 9, 2019

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and when attending one of the many Irish Festivals popping up all over Michigan. In particular the one in Muskegon that goes on for four days of non-stop music, Irish beer and whiskey, Irish games and dancing. Together we celebrate all things Irish. If you marry an Irishman, […]

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Mackinac Bridge

 September 2, 2019

I don’t know if it is one of the world’s Top Ten Human Made Wonders, but it is definitely a wonder to me. What trip “up north” would be complete without stopping to look at the bridge, long and beautiful, stately, over an expanse of amazingly blue water? The bridge appears in the distance as […]

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Moonlight and Stars

 August 26, 2019

I have heard that camping is good for marriage. I agree. However, in our decades of camping we have encountered a few situations in which an RV had become a small cell for two unhappy partners to endure the company of each other. More often, we have witnessed hundreds of relationships obviously healthy and happy […]

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Accepting that which you don’t want to Accept

 August 19, 2019

Few things are more difficult for two people to do than accept things they don’t like about each other. “Why do you let that bother you?” someone once asked when I complained. I thought for a long time before I realized the answer: I didn’t know why I let it bother me. It did no […]

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