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New Blog Series – Seasons of Grace

 November 23, 2016

The farmer is intimately acquainted with the seasons of nature. His livelihood depends on it. He knows when it’s time to plant, the growing season, time to harvest and time to let the land lie fallow. He reads the signs of the time in nature to know when to reap, when to sow. His life […]

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Who Me? Full of Grace? Finding Grace in Your Journey – Excerpt

 May 26, 2015

The last of my May series on Spirituality for Moms. When the angel Gabriel addressed Mary, “hail, full of grace,” Mary was shocked. “How can this be?” she responded. “Who me?” we may say in turn. Who are we to be so blessed that God would grace us with his presence in our life? That […]

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Psalm 71: Go Gray or Go Home!

 January 27, 2015

I had a minor hair crisis last week. When I tried to schedule a hair appointment, my stylist didn’t have any openings for over two weeks. By then the gray stripe already forming down my part would be a roadway. No problem, I figured, I’ll just dye it myself. I picked up the ads to […]

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