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Psalm 140: Early Conspiracy Theories

 September 10, 2020

The next four psalms in the psaltery, Psalm 140-143, are laments, perhaps in preparation for the explosion of praise and thanksgiving found in the last five psalms. Our psalm for this week, Psalm 140, reminds us that conspiracy theories are nothing new. With all of the conspiracy theories around, this psalm reminds us we need […]

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Fall Color Report from Falling Waters Trail

 November 8, 2016

As a much needed diversion on this cloudy election day, I’m sending you the fall color report from my bike ride along Falling Waters Trail yesterday. There’s still plenty of color around. Get out and vote then enjoy the leaves.

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Ready, Set, Stop! NaNoWriMo Is What You Make It

 November 4, 2016

The main criticism I’ve heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is that it encourages quantity over quality in writing. Writers are spurred on to spew out words as quickly as possible without regard for the value behind the words. And then, thanks to the ease of self-publishing, there is a glut of poorly written […]

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What Is Your Greatest Fear?

 November 2, 2016

Halloween, the celebration of all things that go bump in the night and make our stomachs jump into our throats, is over and gone for another year. On Monday, as we celebrated the day, I found myself thinking, “What is my greatest fear?” This is a good question to ask ourselves now and then. Our […]

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Riding on Under Inflated Tires!

 October 28, 2016

It had been a beautiful fall day and I was determined to get in a bike ride along Falling Waters Trail to Lime Lake before going to New York to babysit my new grandson later that week. When I noticed my back tire was pretty soft, I thought, “No problem. I’ll use the pump at […]

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Thoughts on the Election in Light of my Research on Irish History

 October 25, 2016

In 1921 the Anglo-Irish war ended with Ireland achieving freedom from Britain except for six counties in the northern part of the country that now make up Northern Ireland. This had not been the goal of the war. The goal had been a united Ireland, free of British interference. However, the predominantly Protestant counties of […]

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Do You NaNo?

 October 20, 2016

Coming up is the great celebration of writing, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Time for me to clear a writing space on the cluttered catch all table in my kitchen that I use during NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo started 17 years ago as an effort to encourage writing. Every November all are challenged to write a […]

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A New York Moment

 October 19, 2016

I spent the last week in New York. I walked along Broadway,   Times Square And had soup from the soup Nazi! I also toured Carnegie Hall and the Alvin Ailey School of Dance, all to assist me with the novel I am currently working on. Have I told you lately how much I love […]

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Quit for a Day!

 October 11, 2016

  “I can’t do this anymore! I’m no business woman. I quit,” I said last week when receiving notice about a form I was supposed to have filed but hadn’t. Sometimes I just don’t know, what I don’t know, which leads to frustration. Over twenty years ago, as a lay woman running a Catholic Church, […]

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Life Happens

 October 6, 2016

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, sometimes more than one at a time. Three weeks ago, I came home from a brief retreat at my brother’s cottage to the sound of rushing water, coming from the depths of our house. It took ten days, and periods of shutting the water off, to finally find […]

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