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The Power of Belief

 November 30, 2016

Advent – Season of Hope “You promised!” my children protest. How did “I’ll think about it” become a promise?  How did the merest suggestion that I would consider their request take on the trappings of an oath?  The answer eludes me.  To them, a suggestion is as good as a promise.  They believe in that […]

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How Soon Is Soon?

 November 29, 2016

Advent – Season of Hope “Soon,” a voice whispers in the night to the woman in prayer awaiting the birth of her first child. “How soon?” she responds.  She hears no answer.   “Soon,” the dying man hears. “But when?” he asks.  No answer   “Soon,” the voice says to troubled parents waiting for news […]

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ADVENT – Season of Hope!

 November 28, 2016

In a world of hopelessness and despair, in a world filled with false hope based on fleeting promises and false gods, true hope often eludes us.  Hope is more than an abstract concept concerned with some distant future.  Genuine hope must be connected to everyday reality yet grounded in the confident assurance that these things […]

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New Blog Series – Seasons of Grace

 November 23, 2016

The farmer is intimately acquainted with the seasons of nature. His livelihood depends on it. He knows when it’s time to plant, the growing season, time to harvest and time to let the land lie fallow. He reads the signs of the time in nature to know when to reap, when to sow. His life […]

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