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Psalm 103: Renewing Your Youth Like an Eagle

 December 19, 2019

As I’ve been reflecting on Psalm 103, the song from GodSpell based on this psalm, keeps coming back to me, filling my head with music: “O Bless the Lord, my Soul!” (1a, 2a, 22b) There are many reasons to bless the Lord. First among these are God’s mercy and steadfast love, as recounted in Psalm […]

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Unexpected Gains

 May 12, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life This is not what she wanted for herself, not at all. This change was unwelcome, unexpected. She wants to deny that anything good could come from it. She lost a job she valued. She lost her health, her money, her social status–all because she’s been downsized. What has she […]

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Birthing Spaces

 May 10, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Cracks appear in the foundation of my house. Instantly I want to fill them in, “take care” of them as quickly as possible. But something else tells me to investigate, to determine why and from where the cracks have come, to discover if they signal something more serious. Not […]

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