Am I "That" Person?

 June 26, 2014

    (Me and my birthday flowers.  I was going to take my first “selfie” only to realize you can’t do that with a flip-phone so I enlisted the aid of my husband.) As I turn fifty-eight today, I am asking  myself, “Am I “that” person? Do you remember that person from your college years […]

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On Writing and Free Floating Anxiety

 June 20, 2014

“If you went into a government lab to design a program to instill anxiety and neurosis, you couldn’t do much better” John Scazi wrote about the writing process. So that explains it? That explains this free floating fear, this muted terror. It’s not fear for the future, fear that at fifty-seven I have already out-lived […]

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Dad’s Roll-Top Desk

 June 13, 2014

I’ve always loved wooden objects. I don’t know where this love comes from. I can’t necessarily attribute it to the fact that Jesus was a carpenter for this love preceded my knowledge of Jesus, though later I did make the association between wood, carpentry and Jesus. Perhaps it was the hardwood floors in the hallway […]

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Psalm 51: A Contrite Heart

 June 11, 2014

In response to God’s call for “no bull” in Psalm 50, we hear Psalm 51, the most well-known of the Penitential Psalms where the writer comes before God with a contrite heart and prays for the removal of personal and social sin, a psalm commonly associated with Lent. Attributed to King David after being confronted […]

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Asking the Right Question

 June 6, 2014

“Does knowing that God might frustrate your plans bring you comfort?” Sometimes a question can be worth a thousand words. This question, asked by Jeanelle Reider in her book, The One Voice that Matters, speaks volumes about God’s will and following God’s will. It is better than twenty treatises on the subject. It states simply […]

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Psalm 50: No Bull!

 June 4, 2014

I love the way words spoken thousands of years ago are still relevant today, sometimes in ways that surprise. In Psalm 50, God is speaking to his people. God comes as a thundering judge to testify against the people, “Our God comes, he does not keep silence, before him is a devouring fire, round about […]

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Our Dreams Must Exceed Our Grasp

 May 30, 2014

We are in the graduation season, followed by the marriage month, June. Throughout the nation, graduating seniors are being given words of wisdom at commencement ceremonies, as one stage of their life ends and they prepare for the next one. They are being told to hold on to their dreams, to dream big, make a […]

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A Bad Day Writing . . .

 May 23, 2014

Complete this sentence: a bad day writing is . . . For me, a bad day writing is better than a good day doing pretty much anything else. I love the writing process. Even those days when I’m stuck, nothing flows from my pen, are good. On those days I might put my pen and […]

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Dreamweavers Launch! Free Kindle Version over Memorial Day Weekend

 May 19, 2014

Now Available in Kindle – If you don’t have Kindle, don’t worry. You can easily download a free ereader. Or print copy will be available this weekend as well.  Set in the years following 9/11, Dreamweavers includes a general involved in the Iraq war and a World War II vet. Memorial Day is a time to […]

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The Gods Punish Us in Two Ways – Oscar Wilde

 May 16, 2014

“The gods have two ways to punish us– the first is to deny us our dreams, and the second is to grant them.” This quote has been attributed to Oscar Wilde in several different formats. Regardless of what the actual quote is, the meaning remains the same. It’s a damned if you do, damned if […]

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